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by Kaylene Akins Psychologist
Principal Owner of Steps 4 Success Psychology, Counselling & Coaching Services

In this applied training, I will take you step by step through creating Genograms for the benefit of clients and the benefit of you as a professional. In my experience, a comprehensive three generation Genogram gives you a clearer picture of the client, the interconnections within the family and the larger systems; the relationships and how each of these influence, both positively and negatively on the client in the here and now but historically as well. This is very important, because the goal of treatment is always to provide relief and find solutions to improve functioning and this knowledge helps to see the patterns to enable us to more effectively treat but case conceptualize as well.

Another important process of psychological treatment is to develop rapport and engagement with the client. Genograms can be an important lead in to this. This is done by structuring the first session – in such a way that you ask the questions – giving the client a space to relax more - as they often arrive thinking how do I put this into words, where do I start, and having a structured session enables the client to share what has been occurring in a conversational style. While it can unpack a lot of history and background which can be emotional and overwhelming, most clients feedback to me that it feels like ‘you are really interested in me and my story; I never realized how much had been going on in my life and this has helped me to see things more clearly and there is a lot going on – no wonder I’m feeling the way I am.’

Yet another benefit of a clear and well-drawn Genograms is to have a picture that can be viewed by any professional – and it will give information at a glance as to who people are in a family and what their relationships are – without having to review lots of notes.

And finally, what I find very helpful is that in my mind, I develop a much better understanding of the client and do not need to ask who each person is as they talk about them, as I already know where they fit in, or I can look back and find them easily in the detailed genogram.

So, who wants to learn how to do this with more confidence and learn how to construct a Genogram that can be easily read knowing what symbols to use? This training is expected to run over three Saturdays for two hours. On completion, it is expected you will be able to understand the benefits of Genograms; be able to draw up a comprehensive three generation Genogram; and be able to form a case conceptulisation from your own case example.

Expressions of interest are welcomed by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For those of you who do not know a lot about me you are welcome to visit my website at or like me on my Facebook page Steps 4 Success. Training will be held at Killarney Vale in my rooms. I look forward to hearing from all those interested.


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